Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conflict In The North

Conflict in the North

By Daniel L Little

iUniverse New York 2009 978-1-4401-7674-6 Soft Cover

This book is the second effort to date from Nova Scotian Daniel Little on novels based on the Canadian military. Not since the 1970s efforts of Richard Rohmer has this been done. While Rohmer's work started well and later descended to unreadable, we certainly hope Mr Little continues to improve. With his second book, improvement is certainly evident. The story takes place during 1966 when Soviet submarines, aircraft and Spesnatz support a secret base in Labrador with the intent of undermining the Pinetree radar defense network. A combination of naval, army and air force assets from Canada are employed to take out the base with the effort being lead on the ground by an army sergeant and a squad of Canadian Rangers, a group of volunteers from the Arctic native population. Little brings these elements together along with an attempt at American intervention to a conclusion that makes sense but lacks a little in suspense. Apart from that the book was an enjoyable read.

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