Thursday, March 22, 2012

British Destroyers & Frigates The Second World War & After

British Destroyers and Frigates The Second World War & After
Norman Friedman
Hardback 352 pages 9781848320154 2008 £45.00

Disclaimer to this review – Dr Norman Friedman is one of our favorite authors. With this book, he certainly doesn’t disappoint. The development of British destroyers and frigates, beginning with the 1930s Tribal Class design through to the current times, are covered in his usual comprehensively researched style. British Destroyers and Frigates The Second World War and After instantly becomes the de facto standard for information on the myriad of details on design, construction and fittings on these ships. These ships served in wartime and peacetime in both the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and navies around the world. I thought I had a good grasp on Canadian naval history, but was amazed to learn details of planned construction of Castle Class corvettes in Canada.
This book is a must for the collection of any student of naval history.

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