Saturday, December 22, 2012

Missing A Story of American Merchant Mariners in World War II

Missing a Story of American Merchant Mariners in World War II

By Norma Andreasen

ISBN 9781466485426 Self published 2004 

This book is a good example of why we don't normally review self-published works. The text changes font, websites are reference with hyperlinks not taken out and the research is somewhat lacking.
While the book is an attempt to record the disappearance of tanker Esso Williamsburg in 1942, it tries to be an homage to the US Merchant Marine in general during the Second World War.
Good selection of photos, but the reproduction was not very good. In the text, destroyer HMCS Kootenay spelled Skootenay. Ships of Convoy 101 - research on the convoy would have been nice.
A real disappointment, this book presents like an essay from a high school freshman.

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  1. Typo on HMCS Kootenay corrected in Kindle version on sale at Sorry you missed the important tribute to the bravery of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic. Read some of the very positive reviews on!