Monday, May 27, 2013

Allied Master Strategists: The Combined Chiefs of Staff in World War II

Naval Institute Press ISBN 781612510811 Hardcover & eBook 288 Pages November 2012
Calling the Combined Chiefs of Staff the glue that held the British-American alliance together in World War II, David Rigby describes the vital contributions to Allied victory made by the organization, which drew its members from the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, the British Chiefs of Staff Committee, and the British Joint Staff Mission. Readers get a good understanding of the personalities involved and insights into the relationships between the Chiefs and Allied theater commanders. The role of the Combined Chiefs in economic mobilization and the bitter inter-Allied strategic debates are fully examined. Detailed information is also given about the Casablanca Conference and the Chiefs’ often highly contentious meetings in Washington. 
With one of my relatives having been a member of the RCMP security detachment at the 1943 Quebec Conference, the workings and machinations of these leaders of US and British military forces has been of interest. 
Author and Professor David Rigby has chosen an excellent subject for his thorough treatise on the relationship that led to victory in World War II. Most works to date have focused on one nation or the other, but here Rigby does a pretty good job of documenting both. 
We look forward to the next work of history from Dr Rigby.

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