Monday, May 20, 2013

The Hunters and the Hunted

The Hunters and the Hunted

By Bryan Perrett Pen and Sword Books Hardback 150 pages ISBN: 9781848846388 Published: 31 August 2012

1914 was probably the last year of the traditional chase and engagement of enemy ships on a large scale. This had little changed from the days of sail except for employing newer technologies. 
In addition, 1914 was probably the height of international ambitions for colonialism with most industrialized nations and some not (Russia) hoping to add overseas territories. To this end, one of the major roles of naval forces was to protect these colonial interests and this is the thrust of this book.
Author Perrett, is an experience writer on historical matters and here he does a good job of bringing not only 1914, but the rest of the First World War (albeit in limited scale compared to 1914). After 1915, the improvements in aircraft saw them employed in naval operations and these actions employed the technology when they could.
These actions take place off the Falkland Islands, Dutch East Indies, Pacific, Africa and the Mediterranean. 
Thanks for the author and publisher for putting out this important addition to naval history.

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