Monday, September 7, 2009

Battle of the Atlantic

By Marc Milner 288 pages Vanwell Looking Back Press 2003 978-1550681253
A new and up–to–date history of the Battle of the Atlantic—from all sides: the British, Germans, Americans, Italians, Canadians and Russians. World War II was only a few hours old when the Battle of the Atlantic—the longest campaign of the Second World War and the longest, most complex submarine war in history—began with the sinking of an armed merchant cruiser by the German submarine U30. This book charts the fascinating development of U–boat capacities and the techniques used by the Allies to try to arrest the power of this secretive force.
Author Milner has done a good job of putting together a general overview on the Battle of the Atlantic, arguably the most important battle of the Second World War.
A very good selection of photographs is included however number 46 appears to have been a staged photo for Nazi propaganda as no submarine would have a watertight door open during a depth charge attack.
For the average reader of historical works this book would be a good fit.

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