Monday, September 7, 2009

Blunders and Disasters at Sea Hardcover

By David Blackmore
256 pages Hardcover Pen and Sword; illustrated edition 2004 978-1844151172
As any sailor knows, life at sea is hazardous under even normal circumstances. In times of war with an enemy intent on killing and sinking you it is infinitely more so. David Blackmore has researched 100 extreme cases over the span of history and written graphic descriptions covering the background, the events and the tragic consequences. Many were the result of enemy action, others (too many) straight human error and the remainder were caused by act of God, not least the weather. Examples include the Syracuse Harbour disaster (BC413), the rout at Aboukir Bay (1798), and the Prince of Wales/Repulse sinking due to lack of air cover (1941).
This anthology style book in easily readable and would make a fine addition to the collection of nautical history neophytes.

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