Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Morning Quadra The History of HMCS Quadra

By Suzanne Anderson
171 pages Paperback Half Acre Pub 1997 978-0921271116
This self-published work is truly a labor love by author Suzanne Anderson. A valiant attempt at a history of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet base HMCS Quadra in Comox BC. This reviewer attended the camp twice in his teen years I was interested in reading this book.
Primarily based upon anecdotal information, the work would have benefited from some serious research. One example of this was Anderson’s claim that retired destroyers HMCS Algonquin and Crescent were to come to Quadra as accommodation hulks, a fact that I had never heard of before. No source for this information is cited so can probably only be considered a rumor.
Not being a big fan of self-publishing as the finished products are usually shoddy from lack of proofing and editing; this book unfortunately follows the normal formula.
Unfortunately the definitive history of HMCS Quadra still awaits publication.

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