Friday, August 14, 2009

Guide To Over 900 Aircraft Museums

By: Michael Blaugher 6x9 Soft BoundISBN: 0-9749772-0-9
Michael Blaugher of Fort Wayne IN has been self-publishing a series of aircraft museum guides and is now at the 22nd Edition.
The book contains information on:
1192 USA & 125 Canadian Aircraft Museums
249 Aircraft in City Parks
59 Restaurants with Aircraft
62 US Naval Ship Museums
26 Places that offer rides in aircraft
38 WWII Landmarks
9100 Aircraft Listed Alphabetically
For aviation enthusiasts, this book is a handy tool which can easily fit into a vehicle's glove compartment. The only major drawback is the small size of the print which may require a magnifying glass for readers with poor eyesight. (DS)

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