Friday, August 14, 2009


By Ken Macpherson and Ron Barrie
324 pp., illus., ISBN 1551250721
Vanwell Publishing Limited
Vanwell Publishing has finally released the long anticipated update to their earlier Ships of Canada's Naval Forces book. The latest edition was compiled by Ken Macpherson and Ron Barrie.
One great advance in this new version is the inclusion of the list of commanding officers included with each ship's data. In previous editions, this was contained in an appendix, causing much flipping back and forth of pages.
What would have added to the overall effect, would have been information on cancelled ships such as the 1943 RCN Loch Class frigates, 1963 General Purpose Frigates and Second World War underway replenishment ships.
For a book that includes a photo of almost every ship in Canadian naval history, this book should be included in every reference library.
David Shirlaw

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