Friday, August 14, 2009

Ships of Steel A British Columbia Shipbuilder's Story

T.A. McLaren & Vickie Jensen
Harbour Publishing Co Ltd Madeira Park BC 2000 1550172425. 288 pages. Illustrations.
Reviewed by Dave Shirlaw
This book was a put together over the course of several years. Allied Shipbuilding commissioned former Westcoast Mariner editor Vickie Jensen to write a history of their firm and the founding McLaren family.
Excellent detailed information was provided by Rollie Webb of White Rock BC, without whose help much of this book could not have been written.
Lots of excellent material is contained within the text along with numerous illustrations.
Two points I did not like about the book were:
the little amount of information from the Second World War which could've been obtained with more research.
flow of the text was jagged and uneven - going back and forth between chronological and subjects. One or the other should have been used throughout the book.
Apart from these minor quibbles, the book is recommended for persons interested in shipbuilding and nautical matters.

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