Friday, August 14, 2009

Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft Finish and Markings 1944-1968

by Patrick Martin with Leo Pettipas. 2006. $32.95. ISBN None. Spiral Bound. 256 pages.
Mr Martin is well known for his previous historical records of aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force/Canadian Armed Forces. In this work, he has proven his love for research with a thorough treatise on Canadian naval aircraft.
This book covers everything a naval or aviation history lover would find of interest.
Every aircraft type, squadron, base and ship is covered in extensive detail. This includes units right down to the target drone unit at Shearwater.
Operations in the Second World War are covered in detail as well as post war operations. The latter includes the famous Exercise Mariner of 1953 when aircraft from HMCS Magnificent, USS Wasp and Bennington were lost in fog. A major catastrophe was averted at the last moment when a break in the fog was found.
The two Canadian-manned escort carriers (HMS Nabob and Puncher) are covered in detail along with general info on the whole RN/USN program for these ships. The inability of Canada to purchase this type of ship form the US and the program at Lapointe Pier in Vancouver to finish final fitting out of RN escort carriers built in Tacoma was missed.
The book is profusely illustrated with both color and black and white photographs along with some excellent artwork.
Kudos to Messrs Martin and Pettipas for this excellent addition to Canadian naval history.

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