Sunday, August 23, 2009

Warship 2004

Conway Maritime Press London 2004 ISBN 0851779484 Available in North America from Naval Institute Press
Conway continues to produce these superlative works on naval history. It is hard to imagine anyone interested in naval history is not enamored with these superb works which evolved over the years from the old Warship Magazine.
The annual book format is much better than the magazine and this volume for 2004 does not disappoint. The book is profusely illustrated and contains numerous plans.
An example of the chapter titles should whet your appetite such as:
Riddle of the Shells - examines the lack of success of Royal Navy shells up to and including Jutland
Minelaying cruiser Pluton - French response to HMS Adventurer
IJN Naniwa & Takachiho - built on the Tyne
Armstrong's Contribution to the New USN
A Century Long Dream Single Purpose Submarines of the Italian Navy 1892-2003
Minelayer "Clas Fleming" - an early gas turbine ship of the Royal Swedish Navy
Project 69: Kronshtadt Battlecruisers
The Dawn of Salisbury, Leopard & Whitby Class frigates
The Ships Named Anzac
World Navies in Review 2003-2004
Notes and Book reviews
The World's Worst Warships
This is one of the truly outstanding works of recent years. This reviewer eagerly awaits the next edition.

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