Friday, August 14, 2009

Letter to a Christian Nation

By Sam Harris
Publisher: Random House,
Alfred A Knope, New York 2006
ISBN: 0 – 307 – 26577 – 3
Sam Harris is a reknown writer, winner of the Martha Albrand Award for first nonfiction, for a book titled The End of Faith, Religion, Terror and the future of Reason. This book was a New York Times best seller.
His Target Audience: A Christian living in USA and let me add Canada, and Europe.
His "Key" point: God is dead, so let’s get on with reason. Let’s learn to talk to our neighbour and save planet earth from destruction. Christian fundamentalism is the root of the evil, similar to Muslim fundamentalism. Evolution is the true reality!
His Position: Sam says he is a non-believer (p91) and "that he is dumbstruck by the Muslim hordes who chant death to whole nations of the living, but dumbstruck as well by a Christian .".by your denial of tangible reality, by suffering you create in service to your religious myths, and by your attachment to an imaginary God"
My Review:
Target Audience: According to Statistics Canada" only 2% of the population in Canada attend any kind of church., then of those who attend, the question is raised as to how many are committed to a belief. My experience is it is usually less than 20% of those who attend. So the target audience is rather small, however if you turn the table upside down, the audience who would agree with this book’s position is extremely large, and of course would account for it being a best seller. The book is well written.
My Key Point: Sam Harris has never encountered the "Living GOD"! If he had the experience of CHRIST WITHIN, ( "Emmanuel" ), Sam would use his full name,…. "Samuel", the Hebrew meaning is "HIS NAME IS GOD". So "sam" takes on the "Screwtape" as his measuring stick.
My Position / Corporate
Canada already is a non-christian country. What bothers non-christians is that Believer’s exist. That somewhere 2006 plus or minus years ago, the event of CHRIST’s birth is still celebrated by somewhat ancient & out of focus believers. This thought grates on their minds. BUT, GOD is not something one reasons. Reason will not get anyone to GOD, it requires FAITH, that GOD exists. CHRIST, your creator, becoming your Judge will run shivers down your spine. That is where the real rub comes. HIS AUTHORITY. Using the Name of Christ in public prayer can land you in prison, but not if you use Allah, or Buddah.
My Position / Personal
Over 2006 years ago, an event took place that still marks our calenders. Daily we attest to this event by writing today’s date.
Daily I seek the LORD to guide my steps. CHRIST lives within me. GOD is not abstract. We talk, laugh and cry together. Through the study of HIS INSTRUCTION BOOK, I get guidance, direction and a purpose for my day. HIS HOLY SPIRIT surrounds me, and I have "joy and peace". Then I go about my day, knowing HE watches over me and cares for me and is deeply interested in what I do. Should I die today, I am at peace as well, because I was created for ETERNITY, and this earth does not have my citizenship.
The SHEMA is my motto: Hear O Canada, THE LORD, my GOD is ONE: and I will LOVE THE LORD my GOD, with 110% of my Heart, with 110% of my Soul, with 110% of my Mind and with 110% of my Strength, and I will LOVE my Neighbor as myself.

Reviewed by Sig Toews.

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